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Ann Fowler

Ann Fowler

Ann has been the proud owner of a season ticket since she was 7/8 years old, her father was a miner and bought season tickets for her and all 7 of her siblings, the money was deducted from his wages.

Rovers is part of every member of her family, her daughter Jodie is the first aider and was the first on the scene when her friend Joan’s husband had a heart attack at the match. Ann’s husband Paul is safety officer for match days and a volunteer for the building of the stands. Her son played for the Lions and then transferred to Featherstone but fractured his cheek on his first match, he still has a metal plate in it.

The family have great fun memories of Rovers and a fondness that goes further than just a game, it is entrenched in their family.

The friends her son met at the rugby from the age of 6 are still friends and they went to every game.

Paul’s Grandad had his first beefburger at the age of 90 at Featherstone Rovers home match.

Yorkshire Television came to film the club on a match day at home and Granddad was talking. John was on the video playing in the background.

On the 27th March 1978 all the men left the reception at my wedding including new husband and grandfather to go to the Featherstone match.

Ann’s Grandfather Clifford had 12 siblings and used to come down to the pitch when it was just a field with cows on and shoo the cows, clear the pats and everyone played.

Ann now attends the IT and biscuits on a Thursday morning as well as attending all the games.

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