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Barbara Wilford

Barbara Wilford


Barbara Wilford

Has been a fan since 1993 although she did date her husband at the match when she 17yrs old. Building up slowly with just home matches and then home and away.
When the club was going through a financially challenging time a group of people that used to sit on the terraces together thought they could help the club out and raise some funds. Amalgamating all the supporters groups The Featherstone Rovers Joint Supporters Group grew, helping with fundraising, feeding the players, match day catering, and helped out where they could. The group lasted 15 years 1997 – 2013 with Barbara becoming the chairwomen of the group. Each year they raised funds for major projects, equipment etc.

In 2003 Study Rovers Learning Centre was set up to expand Featherstone Rovers work in the local community. Having demonstrated the success of this work, Rovers were able to apply for the government funded project ‘Playing for Success’ Barbara was involved in writing this successful bid for this grant which enabled the club to build the IT Centre and deliver educational, and sports related programmes to schools in the area. Study Rovers continued to flourish alongside this. Barbara gradually she became more and more involved with Study Rovers, using her skills as an ex-teacher and working with young offenders, adults with learning disabilities, schools, healthy living projects up until 2013 when she decided to retire from full time volunteering and concentrate on the rugby.

During 16 years of involvement in fund raising with featherstone Rovers Joint Supporters Group and Study rovers Learning Centre a figure in the region of £350,00 was raise

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