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Caroline Robinson

Caroline Robinson

My earliest memory is coming here… I remember looking up and seeing lots of bottoms, I was holding onto my Uncles hand in the crowd and could only see the legs in front. He picked me up and put me on his shoulders and it was from there that I soaked up the atmosphere. My Uncle moved away many years ago but is still a life long fan who attends matches with his own grown up family who now have Fev in their blood!

Featherstone Rovers has always been in my life and my families. My Mum was Miss Featherstone Rovers in 1954, my Great Uncles played for Fev in the 1930s. I was married to the Chairman’s wives brother, my son James has been a mascot/volunteer and is possibly Featherstone Rovers No 1 fan! Daughter Samantha attends matches with 5 year old Grandson Grayson who is fast becoming No 2 fan!

My family have always lived in Ackworth near the Rovers. I’m not only a fan but work here too. My job title is accounts assistant/ receptionist but you just muck in and help out where you are needed at Featherstone and we all pitch in together.

My 27 year old son James volunteers for the club, picking up litter after a match, the golden gamble tickets get shredded when the person hasn’t won and it’s all to pick up! He doesn’t grumble too much unless it’s been raining and they’re stuck to the floor. He’s had Bluebeard mascot duties, going round the hospitals with the team, cheering up the patients and handing out presents at Christmas and takes great pride in volunteering for his beloved team.

My daughter Samantha has also attended games with her Dad from a very young age along with the rest of the family. Her 5 year old son Grayson is so proud to wear his Fev shirt and he’s already had mascot duties walking onto the pitch holding hands with player Ian Hardman. He and his Mum attend matches regularly and Grayson is growing up in the family tradition of life with Featherstone Rovers.

My Great Uncle Tom (Dennis) played in 1934 until 1938, 86 games, he was the office clerk at the pit during the day and played at weekends, his brother Jack played too but just the once. Both my parents were taken to Saturday games as young children and have never forgotten the experience.

My Mother Barbara was Miss Featherstone, The Rugby League Queen of Featherstone 1953, selected for her knowledge of Rugby and her dancing skills by the Mayor and Mayoress of Pontefract and other eminent officials including previous Queens. Duties included doing the kick off for a Bradford Northern Game, attending functions and matches. My Mum always remembers being told by the attending Doctor to be very careful when she did the kick off as she could easily break an ankle. She was wearing court shoes!!

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