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Joan Cartwright

Joan Cartwright

Joan Carwright

Memories of Featherstone Rovers

The first thought that comes to mind is the date fixed for our wedding in 1962.
Made arrangements with the church, reception, taxis, printing of the invites, and checking with relatives that lived a distance away that the date was convenient for them. All arranged and everything under control (as we thought). The date 17th March.

Featherstone Rovers then published their fixture list, and my husband to be saw that a big match was taking place on the 17th March. He was adamant that he couldn’t miss the match!
Everything had to be changed to the 3rd March, which was a free day for Featherstone Rovers. How young and innocent I was at that time, but not complaining as we have been happily married all these years. Although I still do not understand Rugby League, and don’t even like to even see it on television as it is so rough. My husband is still Featherstone Rovers through and through. Our son is very much involved also, and our Grandson at 6yrs old has a season ticket.

The first time my husband had ever been to London was to see Featherstone Rovers versus Workington Town in the Challenge Cup final at Wembley in 1952. His Dad took him (although he wasn’t a Fev fan) but knew Albert badly wanted to go. Unfortunately, Workington Town won with the score 18-10 in front of a crowd of 72,093. He will never forget his first trip to London. The price of the ticket was 2/6d

In 1993 there was an exciting match taking place and the opposite side was St Helens. Albert, David and Norman (Albert’s pal) travelled together. David met up with his pals and stood further along the stand. About half way through Albert didn’t feel very well, so Norman took him to St Johns ambulance. They knew straight away that he was having a heart attack, and took him to Pontefract Hospital with the blue lights flashing. I was at home mixing the Yorkshire Puddings for them returning, and listening to the match on radio Leeds

There was a silence and on came the tannoy asking for “David Cartwright from Badsworth” (our son) to go to the first aid. Then it came on again. I couldn’t believe what I had heard! I rang Featherstone Rovers but nobody answered (I expect with the match being so exciting no one even heard the phone). I rang my brother in law who lives in Pontefract, and he said he would go through to the ground. I was in no fit state to drive as I was in total shock. My brother in law gave me a call to say Albert was in hospital, and David was with him. They were absolutely marvellous both St Johns (at Featherstone Rovers ground) and the hospital. David came home eventually after a couple of hours, and we then went back to the hospital. Our daughter came over from Manchester, and it was good to be all together. He was in intensive care for a few days, and while there the Doctor from Featherstone Rovers came to see him which he was so pleased about, and meant so much to him. After eight days Albert returned home, and touch wood all worked out very well. He doesn’t go to the away matches at all now, and if it is bitter cold picks his home games, but his love is Featherstone Rovers, and always will be.

In the entire history of Featherstone Rovers, only 2 players have played with the surname Cartwright – David Cartwright 1921-22 season and Albert Cartwright 1922-23 season. Coincidence?

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